Mage: Austin by Night

The Skydome

Story 01 Episode 03

XP: 4/12

The group decides to hold off on the Gu Shu Temple and decides instead to head off the Skydome to see what they can find, which is a club in downtown Austin. Mercy checks out the roof while the rest of the group waits in line to get inside. While waiting, they see Skylar Bauman dressed nicely in a white suit enter. The group uses magick to determine that Skylar is a vampire. Eventually the group gets inside and looks around. It is a three floor club with the center opened up all the way to the skylit. Hanging between the floors is a large crystal that has a resonance of Mind, Entropy, Forces, and Prime. They determine that it is actually just glass but also roughly twenty feet long and very heavy. From what they can tell, light enters the crystal and then is projected out with a magickal effect that makes people happy, want to stay and spend money.



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