Mage: Austin by Night

The Ghost of Lilianna

Story 01 Episode 04

XP: 4/16

The group continues investigating the Skydome. Crystal was created by Phillip Michaels, a professional glass blower. Jason uses Time Magick to look back in time to see a blue haired woman killed by Skylar and her soul being sucked into the crystal. He then goes back three years and sees the woman building the club and installing the crystal. Mercy checks with Angelica on who the woman is and she tells her the woman’s name is Lilianna (CoE, 28yrs old, part of the Eight Balls cabal). Becky tries to use Spirit Magick to communicate with the spirit of Lilianna, but only gets static as the spirit is fractured inside the crystal. Charles uses Entropy to find a structural flaw in the crystal on the south side, half way up. He then hacks into the club’s WiFi and then accesses the security feed of the club to see that nobody is in the club between 3am and dawn. He catches a feed of three men with obsidian skin in black tactical clothes goes into the club. The group, minus Jason, head off for pancakes. While in the booth, Mercy passes out in the booth and communes with Bear. 

Bear says “Life beats to crash the spirit with notes of entropic strings.”

The group catches a nap and waits until sunrise before returning to the Skydome. They take the fire escape up to the roof. Charles disables the security system. Mercy does a Life/Spirit/Entropy scan and finds the magickal signatures on the crystal. Jason picks the lock on the roof access and the group enters. Becky and Mercy tightrope the wires to get to the access point on crystal.



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