Mage: Austin by Night

The Gathering

Story 01 Episode 01

XP: 4/4

The mages all receive an email that says “Need your help. Come to Byte Me. 8pm. Angelica.”

Angelica meets the group and tells them that she is looking for some mages to help her out with a crazy idea. While investigating the Ladybird Chantry, she found a scroll with writing on it in Latin, but it is in code. She thinks it might be a way to get back into the Chantry, but no one in her cabal have been able to crack it so she is looking for outside help. The group inspects the scroll and runs a few magickal scans over it. David is able to find some Hermatic symbols on the scroll caps that seem to indicate how to unravel the wards placed on it.




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